Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review-The Taking

For several years now I'm been up to any book written by Kimberly Derting, so when I heard about her new series I was seriously excited.  I will admit, possible alien abduction stories do make me go "hmm..." but like everything else she does Kim manages to pull it off.  Despite having written about serial killers in her debut series and a city torn apart by war in her second series this book seems to be somewhat darker than her previous novels, and I think it's because of the swearing.  As far as content goes it's really no darker than her previous books, and depending on how you look at it could actually be considered lighter by some standards.  It's always interesting watching an author jump from one series to another because you never know how the plot will turn out or how you will relate to the characters, but despite never being abducted by aliens or going missing for five years I managed to connect with the character at several points in the story.  The emotions written into Kyra, the main character, transferred over very well to me, and I think that a lot of teenagers (especially ones with younger siblings or divorced parents) will be able to relate to the situation on some level.  Kyra herself was also very likable and reading a character like her, who is strong but scared at the same time, is something that I feel is really important because so often we think of being brave as not being afraid, but that's not actually the case.  I also really liked the love interest in this novel, just because he was 1) super sweet, and 2) super snarky, which for some reason I find to be a great combination.  As far plot goes I while the basic idea behind it isn't exactly a new one the way it's executed was very original and the closest book I could possibly relate it to would be Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris, which, like this novel, will particularly appeal to fans of The X-Files.  The only thing that I thought could be changed was the fact that it took some time for the action to really start, although the way it was written it didn't feel like it was as long as it actually was (if that makes any sense).  All in all I really enjoyed the book and I can't wait for the sequel to see what happens next (because DAMN YOU CLIFF HANGERS!!!).

Out April 29, 2013

4.5/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Harper Teen for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Review-Don't Look Back

Several years ago I decided to give Armentrout's alien sci-fi books a shot and while I enjoyed them I didn't end up adoring them as so many others did.  But when I heard about this book I decided it sounded promising so I put it on my TBR list and asked for an ARC.  When said ARC showed up I was very happy because, let's face it, JLA is a HUGE author.  If you know me at all you know I'm always down for a mystery book, the bloodier the better, so obviously this one was right up my alley.  Aside from the case of amnesia that the main character has (and I'm not talking about what happened the day before amnesia, I'm talking full on "who am I/how old am I/do I know you?" amnesia), it's a pretty standard mystery novel.  There were parts that I liked about it and parts that I didn't particularly care for, but such is the way with every book.  The parts I did like included the romance (although the guy was way too good for the main character), the notes being left for the main character to find, the flashbacks she had, and her persistence to find out the truth.  I also really liked the brother and the brother's girlfriend.  Things I didn't exactly care for were basically all of the characters not mentioned above (including the victim herself and at some points in the story the main character), the reveal of who was leaving the notes (admittedly it was pretty clever though), and I feel like there were a few things that were left unanswered (or at least seemed to me to be kind of important that just kind of disappeared along the way, but it's possible that's just because I was reading an ARC).  I also want to state that I did suspect the killer for at least 100 pages, and I'm pretty sure I could pinpoint the exact time I was like "ah-ha!"  Those things being said it was a pretty fresh murder mystery novel for the YA age range in a time when there aren't a ton of them around.  It had that private-school-rich-kid vibe going on that I do so adore in mystery settings, and while that's not exactly what it was the tone was there so kudos for that.  Mystery fans of all ages will most likely enjoy this fast-paced quick read from bestselling and fan-loved author.  There did seem to be a lack of the JLA "spunk" (this is just what I call it, it's the sarcastic tone most of her characters have that I find appealing), but the voice is still very much there so long-time fans will be pleased to find that, as well as new fans.  I'll be interested to see if JLA writes any other YA (or NA) mystery novels in the future because I'll be sure to check them out.

Out April 15, 2014

4/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Which I Have A (small) Giveaway

So today I start my third quarter of college (blarg), but on the upside I only have classes three days a week!  That's pretty cool if I do say so myself.  If only that meant more time to read, but I decided it would be a great idea to write a book for one of my classes.  Yup, I'm getting college credit for writing a novel (hopefully I'll still get credit if I don't finish it, but fingers crossed it'll get done).  Maybe one day it will even get published...if it's any good that is.  Who knows what will happen.
It's also my birthday soon.  I'll be another year older on Friday and one step closer to being a full fledged adult (geeze, that's a scary idea).  
So because of these two things (and because I love you all very much, each and every one of you) I've come up with a little giveaway.  I can't promise how much I'm going to be around until June 20th (or slightly before, depending on what finals I do and don't have) but every now and then you'll see a review or giveaway posted.  I have no intention of stopping my blogging (and reading) because I really enjoy doing it and talking to all of you guys.  Hopefully this summer I'll get back to reading full time (and maybe editing my possibly finished novel)!

Now here's what you can win.  One winner will receive the full set of novels in Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone series (or any combination of the three you wish) 

Another person will win a Divergent prize pack, which consists of a copy of one of the books in the series (winner's pick), movie posters of Tris and Four (two separate posters), a packet of Divergent trading cards, a Path to Allegiant booklet, an Allegiant button, faction stickers, and a collectors edition Us magazine all about the movie.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One last person will win three (enough for a pair of earrings and a pendant for a necklace) handmade book pendants (or magnets) with the winner's choice of picture on them [see examples below].

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All giveaways are open until Friday April 18th, at which point they will close and winners will be chosen soon after.  International entries welcome but please be advised if you win I would appreciate some form of payment to cover shipping, although it's not mandatory (but please remember I'm a broke college student and prizes come from my own funds).

Thanks so much for sticking with me through these crazy times and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Also, wish me luck with school!)