Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Gift of Cinder Guest Review

Yesterday I posted who I shared CINDER with for The Gift of Cinder and today since she's having problems with her new blog I've decided to post her review here for now.  I want to send Victoria from ladysbookstuff.blogspot.com a big thank you for taking time out of her busy life to read and review CINDER for me, and I'm super glad that she enjoyed it!

CINDER, by Marissa Meyer is a stunning twist on the classic Cinderella fairy tale. Unlike the version we all know so well, this Cinder is a cyborg in New Beijing. While a deadly plague takes its toll on Earth, a mysterious group of Lunar People watch from space – No one knows Cinder holds the world’s destiny in her control.
The plot is definitely science fiction and like most sci-fi novels, somewhat slow starting. However, Meyer does a fantastic job of world-building, character creation, and plot development; all the while, incorporating the basic storyline from the classic tale.
Soon you are swept into this alternate future and go on the adventure of a lifetime as Cinder fights for the world.
Even if you shy away from sci-fi novels, CINDER is one hundred percent worth giving a chance because Meyer does a phenomenal job with this very creative fairy tale re-telling.

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