Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spooky Giveaway!

First off, this is the 100th post on the blog!

Now onto our regularly schedule program.  Today Is the start of the Spooky Giveaway.  Ta-Dah!

Now the way this works is easy, I'm gonna post some cut outs from book covers and all you have to do is guess the correct title of each to be entered.  There are 25 covers (which you guys helped me decide, that's what the 20 or 25 was).  You have until the 31st to figure out all of the names of the covers.  All you have to do once you've figured out the names is to fill out the form here.  The original prizes (see below) are all included as well as 17 others that are not.  The covers are in order 1-25 starting at the top left and going to the right, then the second row to the left, and so on and so forth.  Now here are the covers.  They're all spooky books and all but one is out now!

The original prizes are;
  • A signed copy of Paranormalcy
  • A signed copy of Shiver
  • A signed ARC of The Scorpio Races
  • Anna Dressed in Blood
  • An ARC of After Obsession
  • An ARC of Tiger's Voyage (this is the one that's not out yet)
  • An ARC of Shatter Me
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Each one will go to a different person.  And what's extra cool, if you get them all right you're entered to win one of the books that wasn't an original prize.  So there are 8 original prizes and 25 covers, so that means if you guess all the covers correctly you are entered to win your choice of 17 books! Now let me make this clear there is only going to be ONE winner and they will win ONE of their choices of the 17 books.  If you just want to go for the original prizes just tell me what number the covers of the original prizes are.

Now all of those books up there are pretty popular, but if you like a real challenge I have 5 more covers of spooky books that are less widely known, and if you guess and get all of those right (or if it turns out to be too hard x/5 right) you will be entered to win one of THOSE books!  If you want to try to win one of those books fill out the form here.  And here are the covers.

And last but not least if you're not up for the trouble of any of those you can also enter to win a whole bunch of swag, because I have a ton of that, and I need to clear it out so I can get more!  Anyone can enter that contest and just fill out the form here.

The main contest will be international if you can pay for shipping if you win.  The extra contest is international as long as the book depository ships to your country for free (does it, check here). And the swag contest will be open to everyone because the world needs more swag!
Now go forth and enter, and have a great Halloween!  Winners will be announced ASAP, but no later then November 5th.


  1. The form's not working for me :(

  2. Try it now April, I fixed the links. :]

  3. Mary DeBorde

    I love these type of contests - so much fun!! :D
    Thanks for a great giveaway and a HUGE congrats on your 100th Post!!

  4. We can enter all 3 right? Sorry wanted to make sure.

  5. Very clever giveaway-- a tough challenge!

  6. Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure you have two books that aren't out on there-- I'm fairly sure Shatter Me is out in November. Looks fabulous, though!

  7. @PamM yes you may!

    @Cat, you are right! my bad!

  8. So I'm not sure but, the book depository one are the last 5 pics. right? They are way more difficult than the first one.
    I wish I could pay shipping darn it!! :( I know them all, I think.

  9. Found all but one and it is driving me crazy.. lol

  10. Woohooo finally found it...

  11. Great Challenge! I had a lot of trouble with one picture, I found all 24 right away, I was going crazy then I finally found it. Now I can sleep easily tonight.