Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When I heard about this book I was SO excited.  Why? Well, if you know me at all you know I love to (try to) get the bajeezes scared out of me, and reading about this book I went "it's Harper's Island but with teenagers!"  I love murder mysteries and I'm fascinated by the motives people have that would make them take another person's life (self defense excluded).  That being said I had HUGE expectations for this book, and  thankfully I was NOT disappointed.  There were so many things I loved about this book, and first and foremost was the fact that I was in the dark almost the WHOLE time.  Yes, I admit, I did put it all together before Meg did, but you know what? I wasn't sure until the very last minute, she made me change my mind SO many times (which under any other circumstances would be bad, but not when you're trying to figure out who the killer is in a book).  I also thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she didn't kill all of the dead people (I'm not telling you who ends up dead) in the same way.  Yeah, if it was something like Scream you would want everyone to be stabbed, cause that's Ghost Face's M.O., but not in this book.  The other thing I just adored was the fact that it was set in MY state! And by that I mean the state that I live in (Washington) and what's even cooler, I go to one of the schools that is mentioned in the book! (Now, I know it's a murder mystery, but come on guys, that's pretty darn cool.)  In the end I was just SO pleased with how the whole book was put together, and although I liked her debut novel Possess this one I just loved.  If you read Gretchen's previous novel or if you like books that give you goosebumps then go check this book out, either from your library or your local bookstore.  Bravo Gretchen, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for your next book because I need my next scare sooner rather than later.

*Note, Barnes and Noble decided NOT to carry this book because of the not-so-great sales of Possess so if you want to get it from an actual bookstore go to an indie or just bug the crap out of your local B&N to get it in!

5/5 dust spirits

And although I don't normally do this I had to share the trailer, because one, HOW AWESOME IS IT!?  And two, it's the video the kids watch in the book, so now you can see it in your mind as you read it on the page!

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