Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review-Live Through This

First, can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this cover is?  This is Mindi's second novel (although the first that I've read) and I bought it because Mindi is one of my author friends (she lives in my city and so I see her a lot) and her launch party is today!  So I thought, I should probably read the book, or at least start it before I go.  So I started it yesterday, and I found that despite being about a tough subject (sexual abuse, so reader discretion IS advised) it wasn't over the top with pushing it down your throat.  I think that despite being about sexual abuse it also talks about secrets, keeping them and letting them out.  It also dealt with the problems you could have if you're being abused by someone you KNOW, and if you love them do you turn them in, along with some other things that might muddle up you decision to tell someone.  I have never been in Coley's position, but I understood, through the writing, what she was going through and why she didn't tell anyone.  The novel had heart, and despite being about a topic that can be hard to read about Mindi managed to make it romantic and funny, not just tragic and sad.  Today there are so many complaints when it comes to what we see in young adult literature, and I think this is one of those books that could very well be challenged somewhere down the road because of the content, but it's not one of those books that leaves you feeling empty and hopeless. It shows you that there is hope no matter what has happened to you, and that regardless of who it is or what you feel sexual abuse IS wrong, which is something that people have trouble with, even to this day.  If you like books that deal with real life situations, or if you're a fan of Ellen Hopkins (although this book is not in verse) I think you might enjoy this book.  I really enjoyed it, and while pleased with the ending I could see Mindi writing a sequel to it, to show what happens next, and I would gladly read that book as well.  Based on this book, I'll have to read Mindi's first book soon, and I highly recommend you read this book, because it's just beautifully written and it deals with things that everyone should really know about, whether it applies to you or not.

4.5/5 dust spirits

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