Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review-Take Me On

There are very few authors who, when I hear about their books, I need them ASAP, and even fewer authors who write contemporary novels, but Katie McGarry is one of those authors.  Her novels are so addictive and they are full of the kind of romance that makes my heart beat faster with characters that are so real it's impossible not to love them, and this book was no different.  I love the fact that it takes place in the space between the last chapter and the epilogue of Crash into You is interesting because although characters overlap it's not a direct continuation of what happens.  West was one of those complex characters who had several levels and was broken but was still amazing enough that you loved him despite all of his flaws because of who he was regardless of it all.  Haley was a kick-ass girl who, although at some times irked me with some of her decisions, was strong and smart; an excellent character for girls to want to emulate.  While the underlying plot was reminiscent of the other books in the series it was still an enjoyable read with little twists and turns that were interesting enough to keep me reading.  Overall I would have to say that this book rates about the same as Crash into You, above Dare You To, but still just slightly below Pushing the Limits.  I loved getting to see some of the characters from previous books again and like always this book just made me want more books in the series for all of them.  I would even love to see a sequel featuring Haley and West, because they have great chemistry.  Regardless of what happens next in the series I'm pretty much devoted to reading anything Katie writes, and if you haven't tried her books the first two are out in paperback now.  Fans of Simone Elkeles will love these characters and the author that writes them, but be careful because you'll probably end up needing all of them too.

4.5/5 dust spirits

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