Sunday, December 4, 2011


With dystopian novels becoming the new trend in YA there are bound to be some flops out there, but Legend is not one of them.  As a debut novel Lu knocks the socks off my feet, and I'm so glad that she is a new edition to the YA world.  Her characters are fierce and her plot is nothing short of awesome.  The world she created is completely new, but I could see it happening one day.  The images in her books are so startling, and the interaction between characters is so perfect that it makes you not want to put the book down when you pick it up.  With some of these books everything is packed into the very end, and while it's true the end is a good punch to the gut there are also some good jabs in the middle and the very beginning.  And there's a plague in the book, which, if I would have known sooner I would have been ALL OVER it the moment I got it in the mail.  If dystopian is the new vampire I can't say I'm upset with the trend.  Legend is fast paced and well written, and the fact that Day's chapters are in gold print makes it that much cooler.  Day is also now one of my favorite dystopian boys because, I mean, who doesn't want a boyfriend who would do anything for his family, is really smart, incredibly agile, and the corrupt government's number one enemy?  And I secretly wish I could be June sometimes too, because even though she's been through so much she's still so strong, and even though she could easily become a bad guy, she has the courage to do what's right in the end, even though it costs her so much.  If you are a fan of any dystopian novel out there, or if you just want a change you should definitely pick up this debut. I'm sure that by the time you finish you'll want the second one just like me.  And just so you know, I want the second one now. ;)

5/5 dust spirits


  1. OMG!! me needs!!!! in gold print, really?
    I'm sold!!! I want this now!!!
    again...your reviews ;) love them!

  2. yay for Legend!!!!

    here's my review of SLIDE. stop by?!?!