Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review-Under the Never Sky

I recently made friends with the amazing author of this amazing book so I decided that since the book is coming out in 11 days, YES ELEVEN, I should read it because I received it for review.  This book has been pitched for people who loved both Graceling and The Hunger Games, neither of which I have actually read (although I've started them both) but now I might need to give them a second chance.  Veronica's book was so good, the world building was amazing, and what made it even more amazing was the fact that she managed to make a whole new world and most of the story took place in a space that wasn't like the world we live in today.  I admire her great skill at the art she has ended up calling her profession.  This book had it all, adventure, danger, some blood thrown in, a cute boy, a strong girl, a super power or two (you'll understand what I mean when you read it), some kissy scenes, and cannibals (and you all know how much I love that last one!).  There's a clear villain in the book, even though he's not in play most of the time, and the choices Aria has to make are life changing.  There have been mixed reviews about this book, and I can understand that because some people could say it starts out slow.  I think for me it wasn't that it started out slow but that we were thrown into the story with no background so I was rather confused, but I just pushed through it (with a little help from Veronica every now and then).  So to clear this up a little for those of you who read the book (so you don't give up and miss out on the awesomeness) there is the sun and then there is the Aether.  The Aether, according to Veronica is "a new layer of atmosphere that sort of acts like electricity, but it moves like water, up in the sky."  And those are her words, not mine, so now you know why they sound so much better then anything I could have come up with.  Be warned, there are a few hot scenes in the book so it's probably not a good gift for someone under the age of 14 (probably a lot like The Hunger Games, which some people say are good for 5th graders, but really, I don't think so.).  If you like dystopian novels definitely give this one a try, and keep in mind, the future may be closer then you think.  Also, GOD that tag line, isn't it great!?

Released January 3, 2012

4.5/5 dust spirits

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