Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Deal

So it's now 2012 and with a new year comes new resolutions, a whole new me, a whole new blog!  Okay, so not a whole new blog, but some things are gonna be redone.  First off, the monthly giveaway has been nixed. My mom told me that I'm not allowed to hold giveaways anymore unless I have the actual book to give away, which makes sense.  But just because there are no more monthly giveaways doesn't mean I won't have giveaways!  I have however decided that each month I'm going to post an interview with a debut author (and by debut author I mean one that has had no book published before).  I can't promise a giveaway with each interview but there will be some interviews that have giveaways attatched.  I'm also hoping to read 100 books this year and do some interviews with senior authors (and by that I mean authors with more than one book published). So this year I'm hoping to do a good 15 interviews, but wee'll see how that works out in the end. 

So far the interviews I have lined up are as followed;

Jan- Veronica Rossi, Under the Never Sky + Giveaway
Feb- Jessica Spotswood, Born Wicked + Giveaway
Mar- Jill Hathaway, Slide + Giveaway
Apr- Elizabeth Norris, Unraveling
May- Kathleen Peacock, Hemlock
Jun- Trish Doller, Something Like Normal
Jul- Susan Dennard, Something Strange and Deadly
Aug- Suzanne Lazear, Innocent Darkness AND Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits
Sep- Talia Vance, Silver
Oct- Emily Hainsworth, Through to You
Nov- TBD
Dec- TBD

Let me know in the comments what senior authors you want interviewed and any 2012 debut authors for thie missing monts y ou might like.

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  1. ooh the first two sounds great! :) I don't know the other authors.
    Have you read Born Wicked? I've heard is pretty good and the cover is gorgeous.