Friday, January 13, 2012

Something Fancy

If you like the facebook page you all know that yesterday I decided to do something fancy today, and for me fancy means a giveaway.  If you follow the facebook page you also know that recently I went to see Andrea Cremer (she was awesome) and before the event I had acquired a hardback copy of her first book for $3.00.  It's not in perfect condition, and by that I mean the previous owner appears to have spilled a little on it (nothing serious though), but it has that pretty ORIGINAL cover that you can't buy anymore and it's signed, which makes it doubly as rare.  And to make this giveaway extra fancy I'll throw in an ARC of an upcoming 2012 release.  So there will be two winners. Just fill out the form here and you're set.  Due to time constraints of counting there will be one entry per person and to enter all you have to do is follow me in some way. On twitter, on facebook, or on the blog here.  Easy peasy.  The contest will end on Sunday at 12:00 noon Pacific time. Winners will be notified then.  has ended.  Good luck, and happy Friday the 13th.