Monday, March 26, 2012

Review-Spell Bound

I read Hex Hall when it first came out and I was so excited to read this book, as well as sad.  Excited because, another book with Archer, and sad because, well, it's the last book in the series and that's always sad.  A few people were disappointed with this book, but I wasn't one of them.  I've always seem this series as just a fun, quick read with witty characters, some good romance, and the occasional spell or two, so I wasn't expecting anything epic and life altering.  Personally I was very pleased with how the series ended, and with the series as a whole.  This one was a little darker then the first two, or at least it seemed to be, but since I read the second one when it first came out last year, and the first one the year before that I can't be positive.  Ending with a bang I'm really glad that Sophie's story was told, and I'm really glad that Rachel was the one telling it, because even though the book is for teens it's just so much fun to read, something that I think some people forget.  I read for fun and pleasure, but when a book is written for teens but has the lightness of a middle grade/children's book, that's really great in my mind.  Yes, I was a little confused to start with, but I just kept reading and it all came back tome.  Rachel kept up with her usual banter between characters and her fun style of writing that almost made her book seem like it was for a younger audience.  It's been said that Rachel is going to write a spin-off book based on the series and I'm not sure who the main character is going to be, but I can tell that whoever it is I will be picking up the book.  If you haven't read Hex Hall I suggest it for a fun, light read that has some twists and turns that even I didn't see coming, and if you've read the first two books you should check out the third one, because I think it wraps it up nicely.  Bravo Rachel on finishing up your debut series and, I think, keeping it true to the first book.  Also, can I have an Archer?  Or even a Cal, I'll take either, I'm not picky!

5/5 dust spirits

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  1. I'm DYING!!!!!!!!! For this book T_T So not fair!! Life!! Why aren't you FAIR!!
    I just KNEW you had to like it!!! It's Rachel after all!!! *________*
    Cal!! yumm!!!!!