Monday, March 25, 2013

Review-Clockwork Princess

Three years ago I read Clockwork Angel because, let's face it, I'll read anything by Cassie Clare, and now that the series is at an end I'm somewhat at a loss for words.  When you come to the end of a favorite series (or pretty much any book by Cassie Clare) you're struck by a sense of loss, but along with that you have a sense of wonder and of amazement.  In last books there's a 90% chance that someone will die (unless it's a contemporary book), and when that happens you can't help but feel your heart break.  Throughout this book (which I will admit, made me cry) I came to a few conclusions.  One, despite LOVING the agony of her fans (she could collect our tears and sell the to witches or something) Cassie somehow manages to add humor to even the darkest places in her novels.  To me this shows that even in the darkest moments there is hope to be had.  Two, I am always amazed at how she manages to weave a story that will catch almost anyone off guard, and plays with small little pieces of the plot from the companion series that ties it all together.  And three, this book has made me realize that when it comes to characters in books (and maybe even to people in real life) it's not the death of a beloved character (or person) that hurts the most, it's the goodbye.  Or at least it is in Cassie's world.  Filled with her classic wit, charm, and amazing romance Cassie brings together an amazing story that will leave you with tears in your eyes but hope in your heart.  I can't wait to see what happens with Jace and Clary and the rest of the gang in the Mortal Instruments series.  Although I'm sad to see the characters go it was a fitting ending for them all, and maybe we will see Tessa and all of the descendants of the characters we love from this novel in the next installment of the shadowhunter world.  And it's always nice to know that Tessa and the boys will be there for me if I ever want to go back and experience the magic of their London.

5/5 dust spirits