Monday, March 18, 2013

Review-Things I Can't Forget

Having read Miranda's first two novels I was really excited to dive into her third novel, and especially excited to revisit...whatever it is that Miranda sets her novels.  First I have to say that despite having read the back of the book it didn't really prepare me for what was actually INSIDE the book.  I mean, yeah, it gave the basic details, but it left out a HUGE part of the story.  Granted, I'm not sure if, had I known that a huge part of this book deals with religion in a way, that I would have read it, but it might have been nice to not have that initial shock.  If any of you know me, and most of you don't, I'm not all that religious.  I'm fine with other people believing whatever they way (if you say there's a giant fluffy bunny in the sky that grants wishes if you dance around in a tutu under the full moon, so be it) but I do get a little irritated when others push their beliefs in my face.  This book didn't do that, but the main character is Christian (I'm not sure what kind, but she's one of the no sex before marriage and no abortions variety) and she refers to it A LOT.  Although this is PART of her, and part of the story, so you can't just ignore it.  So despite getting a little frustrated with Kate because she is so judgmental I kept reading and ended up very happy with where it ended.  Also, Matt? SO HOT! (I mean really. Can I find someone like him? Please? Or better yet can I just have him?)  With all of this being said I will warn you that religion is discussed in this novel, it's an enormous part of the novel, and if you have a problem with that you might not want to pick this book up, but if you like Miranda's books or you want something honest I would suggest you give this one a shot.  Personally I didn't love it with a burning passion, but I did really like it, and I applaud Miranda for writing this story and for putting it out there because I have no doubt she will get criticism for it, but it really does have a point, and it speaks to more than just a cute little love story, it goes deeper than that.

4/5 dust spirits

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