Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review-Let the Sky Fall

After reading Shannon's debut novel, Keeper of the Lost Cities, I was even more determined to get my hands on her first YA novel.  But ALA came up and I was busy, and there was school and the book just kept getting pushed aside, so when I saw it was coming out in a few days (it's out now, so I'm a little behind the eight-ball) I knew I had to read it.  Sometimes you have those moments when you read a book and you go "stupid, stupid me, why didn't I get to this book sooner!?"  Do you know those books? This is one of those books.  There are also those books where you read them and you go "why didn't I think of this!?"  This is also one of those books.  We know from the inside flap of the book that this book deal with sylphs (air elements) which is something I've only seen once in YA, and it was only for a brief chapter [see the Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White] so to have a whole book about them was pretty darn awesome.  Next was the fact that it was narrated from both a male and female point of view.  I love this.  Because when it's just one narrator I always want to see inside the other character's head, and this way I can!  The characters were also so strong.  They were real and had substance to them, and both had some snark in them, which I adore, because, let's face it, I am made of snark.  Also, having now finished this book I dub Shannon the master of sexual tension, because let me tell you, this book was like "oh, here have ALL THE SEXUAL TENSION!"  And I was like "yay" but also like "JUST KISS ALREADY DAMMIT!!!"  So what I'm trying to say is that I was blown away (get it, cause it's about people who control the wind. okay, sorry) by this YA debut, Shannon is am amazing talent in the world of adolescent literature and now I'll have TWO more series to keep up with thanks to her (seriously, Keeper of the Lost Cities, it's going to be the next Harry Potter, trust me).  I can't wait to see what Shannon has in store for Vane and Audra next, but I'll pretty much follow her stories anywhere she takes them.

5/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Simon & Schuster for providing me with an ARC in return for an honest review.

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