Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Which I Talk About The Future

*Que ominous music*
No, really, play some ominous music while you read this post...but only if you can read and somewhat listen at the same time, otherwise listen to some later and THINK of this post. k? good.
Now onto the REAL post.

School starts tomorrow!  I probably shouldn't be putting an exclamation mark after that cause I'm sure that if I look back on I will go "what was I thinking!?" but there is an exclamation mark there, and what's done is done.  Now, I'm sure you're all going, "so what, school is starting, what's the big deal?" and the answer to that question my dear bloggerly buddies is EVERYTHING!  I'm going to be a junior now which means lots of things.  For those of you who HAVE been to high school already you may or may not remember that Junior year is when students are forced to take the SATs and all that fun stuff.  (Did I say "fun" cause by "fun" I meant "terrible" just so we're clear.)  I'm also taking two AP classes (where as last year I was only taking one) and I've been told that Junior year is the hardest of the four years of high school.  Basically what I'm saying is I don't know how much time I will have once I start school and start getting homework and such.  If you are paying attention I think you all understand what I'm getting at, but just in case you aren't, or you're just skimming this post I'll write it in big letters so you won't miss it either way;
I don't know how much time I will have to read starting tomorrow but I will try my best to continue to read and do contests hopefully as frequently as I did during the summer.

Okay, then.  Thank you for paying attention to my rant and such, and if you're still with me why not reward you?  Comment on this post with a fond memory from school (it can be from years ago for those of you who are older, or recently, for those of you still in school, such as myself) and some way for me to contact you if you win.  Since I said I would give it away and I haven't gotten around to it the winner will get my ARC of Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker.  No extra entries because it's a secret contest only for those of you who actually read blog posts!  Now you may all carry on with your day. See winners here!


  1. Hopefully school won't take all your time and you will still have time to do the things you love. Good Luck!

  2. Good luck!! School or college is always a pain LOL but it can be fun :) (Don't enter me for the contest.)

  3. Good luck in school my oldest is a sophmore this year and takes 2 ap classes. I dread next year for her. Enjoy little moments when you can. My favorite school memory is from elementry school. We use to have a fall festival with each teacher setting up Halloween games in their rooms. It was always so much fun. Now they don't let them do that anymore.

  4. Good luck during your junior year and have fun! It sounds a lot like mine was with the AP classes. Thanks for keeping us updated and we all understand school comes first! And thank you for a giveaway! <3

  5. good luck girl! I KNOW YOU'LL DO AWESOME! just like in everything you do!! actually I think when I first met you you weren't in any kind of vacation or anything BUT again! you'll do great ;) don't worry about much of the future~um highlight in the the MUCH~but take it one day at a time and I know you'll have time for books AND Us!!!
    that said... my memories from highschool...uh...ok freshmen year or first or idk but first day, first hour, home room sat at my desk...got up... end result? my butt AND sweater plus all my clothes stained with pain BROWN paint! why you ask? someone thought it'd be a good idea to pain all the desks the night before! T_T end of memory---


  6. Hope your day goes awesome!!:) i started on the first of september, and I already have soo much homework:O
    oooo..ouch..probably didn't make you feel better...
    but ANYway, highschool memory? my locker is right next to the fire alarm,the lightswitches, and the doors leading outside. So today I bent down to get my bookbag, and backed my butt into this wicked creepy guy that was on his way outside, and hit my head on the lightswitches and turned one on and two off. Let's just say, people weren't very happy....
    anyway... have a great day! don't get too stressed; its just the first day!:)


    (btw, i never got to thank you for sending me that bracelet...i absolutely love it! BUT I STILL WANNA WIN THIS CONTEST so please at least consider me;) )

  7. Good luck in school! I am as well a junior this year! I haven't taken AP classes but I have heard they are tough. I'm sure you'll do fine though!

    One memory from school was when we had a dance. I was with with my friends and then everybody formed a circle with a couple people in the middle dancing. My friends walked away and I wasn't paying attention so I lost them. Then I found them and I couldn't see so i got on my tipy toes and put my hands on my friends shoulders to balance myself. My friend looks back and I realize she wasn't my friend. I said sorry and walked away quickly and told my friend. She laughed at me! Haha

    Well I hope junior year goes great for you! :)