Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review-Shatter Me

Here's another book that people have been talking about recently, saying it's really good, they can't wait to read it, etc.  Believe all of these things because they are all true.  The pitch of this book is "The Hunger Games meets X-Men" and I think that's really what you get.  I will say there are going to be some people that won't love this book.  I'm sure there are going to be some people who hate it because of the way it's written, but in my mind the way it was written only made it better.  It was almost lyrical in a way, kind of like a poem but at the same time a novel as well.  A very unique style of writing that I personally just loved.  Tahereh was descriptive and somehow even made the ugliest things sound enticing.  Just the idea of this book was new and fresh, and the story really doesn't disappoint either.  Juliette is such a great character and I think she's someone that ALL girls can relate to.  No not on every level, because obviously no one has the problem of hurting people with a touch, but I feel that there's so much more to her story then just that.  With Juliette I also saw something deeper, a self loathing and a wanting to be different and normal.  She was SUCH a great character because of her imperfections, and because she refused to give into the immense pressure she was put through, which is more then I can say for some characters.  The romance is so sweet and there are passages in it that take your breath away.  I have no doubt that if you are a fan of books in verse and dystopian novels you will just eat this book up.  And all the twists and turns, it's like a WELL WRITTEN action movie, when they make this movie they better do it justice or I will hurt them all.  I can't WAIT for the next one to come out but in the mean time I will most likely feel the need to re-read this book, which is something I don't say very often.

Released November 15, 2011

5/5 dust spirits

*Note; when you read the book make sure you read the parts that are crossed out or you may miss something.

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  1. I am personally looking forward to this book!!Have seen so many amazing reviews about this book and I think that it's good that it's written in a different style. Change and a new pace is good. Thanks for the review:)