Monday, September 19, 2011

Review-Daughter of Smoke and Bone

This book, THIS BOOK!!!  People have been raving about this book and NOW I see why.  Laini crafts an AMAZING story that's just are really no words to describe this book, but I'll try my best.  Let's start with the beginnings of each section, goodness I could read those over and over again, so beautiful.  The characters? Exotic. No really, their names, I think I pronounced almost all of them wrong, but do I care, NO! Although I will be asking Laini how to ACTUALLY pronounce them, then I'll let you guys know.  Karou, oh Karou, she's amazing.  I mean, there are some great female characters out there, but Karou is right up there with Clary from The Mortal Instruments series.  And THE WRITING!? *dies*. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I LOVE this book.  Did you get that, I LOVE it.  It almost seems lyrical in a way, beautiful and harsh at the same time.  Somehow it just hits you right in the middle of the chest and leaves you speechless.  You think you know how it's gonna end? Yeah, no, think again.  Taylor has crafted such a beautiful world it's almost ugly...I SAID ALMOST!  Think The Mortal Instruments meets Hush, Hush meets The Sky is Everywhere and then you'll have a small idea of what this book is going to be like.  Take my word for it this book is DEFINITELY gonna be the next big thing.  Yes, there are going to be a FEW of you who don't like it, and in my head I'll just be going "yup, can't talk to them anymore, they're crazy." (only not really, don't worry, I'll still talk to you even if I think you're nuts) but I'm pretty sure 99% of you who read this book are gonna look like this at the end O.O .  Personally I can't WAIT for the second one, which Laini said she's working on RIGHT NOW because I'm sure it's gonna be EVEN BETTER, if that's even possible.  Now excuse me while I go out and find Laini's other books, because I must read them ASAP because, well, I mean, they're her books, and she wrote THIS BOOK so they MUST be AMAZING too.  Go read this book!  That is all.

Released September 27, 2011

I need more dust spirits for this book, but I only have five so 5/5

*Please excuse my insanely long rant about how amazing this book was but if you go out and buy it and read it, I think you will see why I sound so crazy.  Now go read!


  1. omg! you made me squirm with the need to read and get the book~not exactly in that order~ still!!
    so excited that you're this excited for the book!!
    can't wait!

  2. I agree 100% with you! Beautiful writing and the characters were to die for. Amazing read!

  3. This book was definetely out there, but I enjoyed it. I'm not one for the whole creatures thing. But the angel with flaming wings was interesting and made me wish he was real. Then the main character having blue hair? Yep, even more cool. And out of all the chimerea she brought in, I thought that Issa was the best. Considering I did dream of a woman who was part snake.
    One of my favorite scenes was at the end when... Well I won't spoil it, but I hate it when books ALWAYS have happy endings. This one didn't have that, and it made me love it even more.