Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Win Win?

So, I have a proposition for you all, I know how much you all love signed books, I mean, who doesn't love a signed PERSONALIZED copy of a book? I know that I do, although sometimes I think about how much I could maybe sell it for one day so sometimes I just have them sign the book, but that's beside the point.  I know that you all like winning books, and you all like signed books, and  you all like winning signed books, so really this is a win-win for you!  If you want me to get a signed book for you email me at but act fast, cause I'll only let one or two people do this per my signing, cause I don't want to kill my arms carrying a ton of books.  Basically the events that I'm going to are as followed, and if you want you can let me know if you want a signed book from the event, but only pick one or two so that other people can participate as well.  The catch, you have to buy your own book if you want to guarantee you get one.  You can physically mail me the book, have it sent to me via a website, or just send me the money (before hand or I guess if you WILL pay me back you can do it afterwards if you can't get it to me by the day of the signing) to buy it from the store the event is going on at, then I'll get it signed and mail it back to you.  If possible maybe you could consider adding an extra $5.00 for shipping, because sometimes that can get pricey. Please note that all the books will go back media mail if you live in the US, or first class (which is the only thing available) for those of you who live internationally. Either way it may take a little while for the books to get back to you. Without further adu the list of upcoming author signings and when I would need the book/money to get to me so I can get it signed for you;
  • Kody Keplinger-September 17th
  • Tera Lynn Childs-September 21st
  • Smart Chicks Kick it Tour-October 2nd (Seattle)
  • Lauren Oliver-October 7th
  • Maggie Stiefvater-October 11th
  • Kiersten White (with Claudia Gray, Anna Carey, Amy Garvy)-October 12th
  • Lani Tayler-October 13th
  • James Dashner-October 15th
  • Jay Asher-October 17th
  • Ellen Hopkins-October 25th
  • Kiki Hamilton-October 26th*

* means that I might not be going, so definitely email me ASAP if you want a signed book from these events.


  1. That is such a great idea! You are so sweet! <3

  2. Such an awesome idea. I was so sad to have missed Maggie while she was over here. I sent an email. :)