Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Which I'm Thankful for Books

So I found this on Beth Revis' blog, and it's basically a blog post about books I'm thankful for.  Goodness there are so many books I'm thankful for, but let's stick to five, that sounds like a reasonable number, right? And it's nice and round.  These are in no particular order, but will all be very important for me until I'm old and can't even remember what book I last read.

1. Twilight by Stephenie meyer.
  Yeah, it's a cliche, but really, this is the book that got me reading again.  Some people bash it, but I think it really was what got the YA genre going.  And yes, I was one of those crazy fan girls who stood in line for a good hour and a half to meet Stephenie when she came to my local bookstore, and I was up till midnight on the release of Breaking Dawn, at my local Borders (I miss it so much!), and I was even there when the first movie came out on DVD!  I will admit, I'm not fangirling over it now, but it's still a good series, and I understand why people seem to dislike it, it's been overdone, but I think that deep down pretty much everyone who says they hate it read it at one point and was really excited about it.

2. Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.
  This book was read to me in either second or third grade, then I read it again in 5th grade, and again in 8th.  If this is the pattern I need to read it again this year!  Every time I read this book I cry but I still love it to death.  I think this is a book that all kids should read because it's such a touching story, especially if you're a dog lover.  This book is a classic and I know that before I graduate from high school I'll be reading it again.  I had always had a soft spot for dogs, but this book made my love of dogs even greater.  I would read this book to my little brothers, but I know I would just end up bawling my eyes out, even though I know how it all ends.

3. The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.
  Again, this book was read to me in either second or third grade and I just loved it.  I had tried to read Kate's other books, but had never actually succeeded in finishing one of them.  This is also a book I shared with my little brothers and they both loved it.  Whenever a middle grade reader asks about books I recommend this one because it's just so adorable.  Kate is such an amazing writer and I know that I should read some of her other books but I just haven't gotten around to it.  Everyone everyone everyone should read this book because, either for yourself, to your children, to your class, just read it because it's great.

4. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.
  Yeah, this is a little kids book, but now I just seem to love it.  I read it to my little brother whenever I can because the idea is just amazing.  People seem to forget that some of Dr. Seuss' books are actually important, and this is one of them.  Yeah, it's colorful and has a character that isn't real, but it's all about saving the environment and endangered species.  Maybe if everyone read this book the planet would be in better condition?  If I ever have kids I'll read this to them! Dr. Seuss will never grow old!

5. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting.
  This book is what got me reading again in 9th grade, when I had no time to read because of all the homework I did and thought it was a lost cause.  Thanks to Kim though I found my great love for reading once again.  Kim was also the first author I got to meet up and personal who actually talked to me like I was a real person.  She had time to talk to me and was more then happy to meet me, even the fifth time I went to see her.  Her book was also deliciously spooky and might be the reason I started loving horror movies...or maybe it was the other way around? I'm not really sure, but this book is just amazing.

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