Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was very excited when a friend of mine sent me an ARC of this book because I just loved the first one.  It was supposed to be the new Hunger Games, and although I've never finished those books I don't think it's anything like them.  I liked Crossed more then Matched but then I also liked Matched more then Crossed. Does that make sense? No, probably not, but I think that when you read it you will understand.  I loved the fact that we got to see half of the book from Ky's point of view.  I know there are some people who hate alternating points of view, but I think that Ky's point of view is such a huge part of this book it wouldn't have worked if it was all from Cassia's point of view.  We learn lots of new secrets, some bigger than others.  Thankfully the ending isn't a HUGE cliffhanger, I mean, yeah, there is some suspense as to what's going to happen next, but it's not one that will leave you tossing and turning in bed trying to figure out what's going to happen.  There was adventure, kissing, and some suspense and Ally wrapped it all up perfectly.  There were just a few things that bugged me, namely the fact that it took over 100 pages for Cassia and Ky to finally find each other.  Yeah, I know, that was a little spoilery, but I mean, really, how many of you seriously thought they wouldn't find each other again?  All of the secrets we learn the answers to in this book are definitely leading up to something bigger that better be explained in the last book.  Again Condie writes a beautiful novel that I think everyone who enjoys a good dystopia should read, and if you read and liked the first one this one won't disappoint.  I also have to comment on the covers, the first one was Green, this one is blue.  I love both covers and Ally has said that they are rather symbolic of the story, and I definitely get that.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the last one will be red, because of the tablet colors. Green to calm down (and calming down helps you figure everything out, which is what Cassia did in the first book), blue to survive (what Ky and Cassia both had to do in the second one), and red to forget (or maybe to prove how different Cassia really is).  But then again I would like it if it were purple.

4.5/5 dust spirits


  1. Sounds like it is a great sequel. Will be glad when I get to read it.

  2. I think the next cover will be red. Nice review. I know some people who hated Crossed so that's why I didn't buy it but I'll try it now.