Friday, November 18, 2011

Review-Beautiful Chaos

It took me almost three weeks to read this book, which is pathetic, but I have good reasons.  I was busy watching TV and doing homework.  Okay, those are terrible reasons, but those are the reasons, not because the book was bad.  No, the book was good. I was pleased with where it went, even though I saw exactly where it was going from about half way through.  There were some things I didn't see coming, but the overall big ending was no shock to me.  I did end up crying even though I knew what was coming, which makes me say "bravo Kami and Margie, you truly are masters of your trade".  The ending did leave a huge cliffhanger though, so I can't wait to read the last book in the series.  Even through all of the awful things that happen during the book the tone is light overall, and all the characters we love (and the ones we love to hate) are back.  We dive deeper into the reason for Sarafine's madness, find some new powers we didn't know existed, and find more of those lovely songs I just can't get enough of.  I admit I was a little confused to begin with because it had been so long ago that I read the second book, but slowly it all began to come back to me, and what didn't come back to me was woven into the story just right so it wasn't repetitive and helped refresh my memory in just the right places.  Beautifully written with just the right pulls at the heart there were some parts that just hit me in all the best spots.  If you read and enjoyed the first two books I recommend you pick up this one, but don't read the end in a public place.  Also, be prepared for a cliff hanger, because that's what you're gonna get.  And no, don't read the end first, I know there are those of you who do it, but don't, cause it will ruin everything.  I'm watching you!

5/5 dust spirits

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