Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Giveaway Winners

I thought I had a really great idea, but only about 40 of you entered the contest that required some thought, so maybe it wasn't such a good idea? Let me know in the comments if you liked this contest or not.  Anyways, first the answeres to the giveaway!

The ones in blod are the ones that needed to be right to get an entry.  The ones with stars by them are the ones that people seemed to find most difficult.
1. After Obsession
2. Bad Girls Don't Die
3. Beautiful Creatures
4. Shiver
5. Vampire Academy
6. Strange Angels **
7. Paranormalcy
8. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
9. The Body Finder
10. Shatter Me
11. The Monstrumologist **
12. Blue Bloods
13. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
14. The Scorpio Races
15. Eighth Grade Bites
16. Possessions **
17. Shade
18. The Replacement
19. Tiger's Voyage
20. The Dark Divine
21. Personal Demons
22. My Soul to Take
23. Nightshade
24. White Cat
25. Anna Dressed In Blood

1. Soulless
2. The Christopher Killer
3. The Missing Girl
4. I Know What You Did Last Summer
5. Killing Mr. Griffin

And now on with the winners!

  • The ARC of After Obsession goes to Ellen Trieu
  • The Signed copy of Shiver goes to Brittany Hiester
  • The Signed copy of Paranormalcy goes to Alishia Ruly
  • The ARC of Shatter Me goes to Hannah Jewett
  • The finished copy of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer goes to Tristen Callnan
  • The Signed copy of The Scorpio Races goes to jordyn rose
  • The ARC of Tiger's Voyage goes to Ana LucĂ­a
  • The finished copy of Anna dressed in Blood goes to Cynthia Neilands
  • A copy of one of the 17 other books pictured goes to Samantha Slager

  • The Winner of the Extra Spooky Giveaway is Loony Linh

The three winners of the swag giveaway are
  1. Bree who's favorite scary movie was The Shining
  2. Tristen who's favorite scary movie was Hide and Seek
  3. Misha Batac who's favorite scary movie is Coming Soon (it's Thai)
Congrats to all who won, thank you to all who entered, and I hope you at least had a little fun playing!  I'll probably do one of these again soon, maybe for the blog anniversery.  The winner of the October book giveaway is posted here and the monthly giveaway for November is posted here. (There's also a giveaway for a signed copy of Ally Condie's Matched here).  Check back on the blog for more giveaways shortly.


  1. yeah I'm so excited to win a book and swag ... I totally almost bought the book tonight .. I thought this was a awesome giveaway .. a nice challenge

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for the contest! I honestly loved it, I recently did a similar contest on my blog where they have to figure out the book as well and a lot of people liked it, not a lot of people entered either, but it was really fun! (:

  3. I liked it and thought it was really creative. I couldn't get them all though but I lost my list of them and forgot to go back and try again. =)~Mera

  4. Congrats to all the winners. I loved this contest. I thought it was so much fun.