Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review-A Want So Wicked

Last year when A Need So Beautiful came out I went to Borders (a moment of silence please) and picked it up.  I read it in a very quick time and by the end of the book I had tears steaming down my face, but it wasn't one of those books that made me cry because it was so devastating, but because it was so, well, beautiful.  Suzanne's writing was so amazing, and when I finished I was really looking forward to her next book.  When I got a copy of this book I was really excited, but with all of my school stuff it fell to the wayside.  Now that I've finally read it I'm so pleased with Suzanne's second novel.  It was different than her first book, but it was also the same, and even though you might think that would be old I didn't find it that way at all.  Elise was such a fun person to read about, and the way that it fit in with the first book was ingenious.  When I saw characters from the first book I was really happy and I was so pleased with the ending that Suzanne set up, and although there will probably not be a third book, I would be very pleased to see one if she has it in her.  The other thing I loved about this book was that it was more focused on the shadows, and we learn some back story that helps us better understand the things that happened in A Need So Beautiful.  Somehow Suzanne manages to make these books beautiful and interesting and so hard to put down.  When this book comes out I suggest that you pick it up, and if you haven't read Suzanne's first book you should pick that one up as well, because it's now out in paperback.  I look forward to Suzanne's next novel and will probably read these books a few more times, because the spin she puts on angels is so different from all of the stuff out there.

Out June 26, 2012

5/5 dust spirits

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