Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review-Ask the Passengers

When I first heard about this book I was really excited about it, because it sounded REALLY good.  So I bought it when it came out, but I was so busy it got pushed aside while I read ARCs and whatnot.  Then I decided, why not read it, it's right there in front of me and it's so short.  And I did.  First off, I just LOVED the whole idea of sending love to the passengers up in the planes, and I loved even more that you got to see inside the planes and see how it effected the passengers.  The subject matter was one of those things that could be hard for some, being about a girl trying to figure out who she is (sexual orientation is a large part of this book).  There had been SO many amazing things said about this book, and the cover was so beautiful, but to be honest I wasn't blown away by it.  No, that doesn't mean I hate it, on the contrary, I really did enjoy it, I just didn't fall madly in love with it.  I think it was a combination of two things.  One, I am not a lesbian (although I have no problem with them whatsoever) and two, the place where it was set was a small town where they were very closed minded, and despite knowing there are towns out there like that (and it being important for people to know that it's okay to be gay) the city I live in is VERY open to those of all sexual orientation so it't hard for me to see myself in a town like that.  I'm not saying I didn't know they existed, cause I did, but a book where the whole town was pretty much anti-gay just made me want to scream.  All of this being said I think it's a good book and everyone should read it, because it takes a look at small towns and their views, and about how maybe it wouldn't hurt any of us to send a little more love out, regardless of what we receive.  So while not being all I expected it to be it was still a really good addition to the YA genre, and looks at things some authors shy away from, so for all of that I say good work A. S. King, and I will need to read your other two books soon.

4/5 dust spirits

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