Sunday, April 21, 2013


Last year I read Elizabeth's debut novel Unraveling and I thought it was an outstanding novel.  It was really one of the first YA sci-fi novels that I had come across, because while there are dystopian novels and paranormal novels Liz really kept her novel in the science category.  Every now and again a book comes along that's really different, not in terms of style but in terms of the idea.  Having finished the first book I twitter-attacked Liz, asking her if there was going to be a sequel, and when she said yes I was ecstatic.  Now that I've finished the second one I can say that it does indeed live up to the first one.  Although it's not by any means the same book, which can sometimes happen with sequels, and I was just as thrilled with the heart-pounding action and sneaky twists and turns. Janelle continued to be a strong character, and she is really someone who is a good role model for people of any age and gender.  There are moments in a story when things could turn out perfectly and every problem was solved with little to no effort, but Liz isn't one of those authors, so she does take risks, just like she did in her first book, and that makes it even better.  Liz keeps up with the little X-File undertone, which means it will appeal to fans of the show.  I think it will also appeal to fans of Doctor Who and any of those movies or that are along the lines of taking down a corrupt force in the world.  There's also some FBI stuff going on in there, so that makes it fun too.  Personally I COULD see Liz writing another novel with these characters, but I don't think she has any plans for that in the future, so while I would love to see Janelle and the gang back in action I will also check out anything else she writes, because she manages to leave me guessing until the last minute, and her characters are nothing to scoff at when it comes to courage.

Out April 23, 2013

5/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Harper Teen for providing me with an ARC (from ALA Mid Winter) in return for an honest review.

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