Sunday, June 12, 2011

Contest Prizes

So I have decided to do the contest for the big 1,000 likes on our facebook page over the entire month of July, which means over 31 prizes and 31 days of chances to win.  But the thing is, I need help with prizes.  I don't HAVE 31 prizes, and I'm wondering what YOU would like to win.  So I'll make a list of the prizes that I DO have, then you can comment on what prizes you would LIKE to win.
  1. A Touch Mortal
  2. Die For Me (ARC) *Note this ARC has the original US cover
  3. City of Fallen Angels (Signed and with the letter from Jace to Clary)
  4. First looks at Clockwork Prince (Signed) and Black Heart [x2]
  5. Curse Worker bracelets [x7]
  6. Postcards from the Mortal Instruments [x2]
  7. Imaginary Girls (ARC)
  8. Beauty Queens (ARC)
  9. The Pull Of Gravity (HB or eBook)
  10. I'm Not Her (PB or eBook)
  11. Laney (eBook)
  12. Wolfsbane (HB or PB [depending on where you live] or eBook)
  13. Forgotten (Signed ARC) *Note this has the original cover
  14. Anathema (eBook) [x3]
  15. Firelight (HB signed)
  16. Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1 or Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 1 (there will be two winners)
  17. Viola in the Spotlight (HB)
  18. A signed VA (Vampire Academy) book of your choice (although if it's PB there might be two winners)
  19. The Girl Next Door (Signed [I think]) *Note this one will be puffy due to water intake, but it is still readable, it just kind of looks like a puffer fish.  But it's still a good book, so don't hold that against it!
  20. The Ghost and the Goth (PB or eBook)
  21. Tighter (HB maybe signed)
  22. Beaded bookmark from Midnight Creations
  23. Bookmark package [x2]  *Note they will be a little different
  24. Bookplate package
  25. A bookplate and swag from Beth Revis
  26. Preorder of Enthralled (PB or eBook)
  27. Hearts at Stake (PB)
  28. The Darlings Are Forever (ARC)
  29. Dark Goddess (ARC)
  30. A signed personalized copy of one of the books from THIS event.  (This book will be PB, but winner can specify which one they would like.)
  31. $10.00 gift card to B&N, Borders, Amazon, or The Book Depository
Hopefully I'll be able to do most of these prizes, but just be aware that some are subject to change based on the amount of money I have.  There will be some interviews too.


  1. #3 and #8 sound awesome! :) Anything Vampire Academy-related would be awesome, maybe Arcane Vault stuff?

  2. So out of the list you have I would LOVE to win the copy of Wolfsbane either hardcover or paperback. Something i'd like to win that's not on your list hmmm I would die for a signed copy of any book in the Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands =)

  3. Those prizes are awesome.

    Some more ideas:

    swag, 1 book from the book depository of readers choice, bloodlines/richelle mead, hereafter/tara hudson, hourglass/myra McEntire, spell bound/kelley armstrong, forever/maggie stiefvater.

  4. I have a few items that I can contribute. I will have to check my supplies, but I know I have a copy of Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey. Send me an email and maybe we can work out a little guest blogger deal?
    my blog:YA? Why Not?

  5. I would love to win Wolfsbane and A Touch Mortal!!!

  6. I would love to help you out by adding something to this! Email me at afrailey at hotmail dot com!

    Oh and these prizes are AWESOME :D

  7. Would love to win Imaginary Girls and/or the Curse Workers bracelets! Other than that, anything related to Vampire Academy would be cool if you were thinking about other prizes!

  8. OH MY FREAKING GOD! ~hyperventilates~ ok um you know I'd loooooooove for the COFA with letter book!! that I'm dying to have so my vote's for that one but you girl have so much more!!!I can't even decide!! so I also go with the Wolfsbane one, and either Imaginary Girls OR! The Pull of Gravity^-^

  9. OMG!!!! *dies* I would do ANYTHING to win City of Fallen Angels and Wolfsbane!! Cassandra Clare and Andrea Cremer are amazingly awesome authors and have so much talent. I have re-read The Mortal Instruments Series and Nightshade over and over and over again. Thank you soooooo much for giving us the opportunity to win these fabulous items!!

  10. I'd love to win Wolfsbane I think Andrea Cremer is a very good writer and I enjoyed reading Nightshade like 100%

  11. #14! I really want to read Anathema! Also, #3 would be nice. Thank you!

  12. *deep breaths* WOLFSBANE!! *flails* I really want to win Wolfsbane BADLY. :D Thank you for holding this amazing giveaway. :)

  13. I would love to win die for me, a touch of mortal, and city of fallen angels. and by the way great giveaway! -savanna

    She can't get blogger to work for her. :(

  14. those are some great prizes and I so look forward for a chance at winning them. I really really would love to win the city of fallen angels book!

  15. I want to change mine to number 15 lol

  16. I would love to win Postcards from the Mortal Instruments [x2]!!!!!

  17. Number 13-Forgotten, sounds sensational. The book sounds like an interesting, brilliant story which I would love to read:)

  18. Any swag is a good thing......if you need help with some swag to give away for your contest let me know... I have some and even a few books to add if needed.

  19. i would like to win wolfsbane or a touch mortal forgotten or anything really!!!!

  20. I'd be happy with anything on that list. WOW! that is AMAZING! thank you so much for this chance♥ Trying to rebuild my book collection after losing mine in a house fire, so ANYTHING would help :D EEEPPP! Again, THANK YOU for this chance!


  21. I really like #12 and #14
    Great giveaway:)

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  23. I would love 12 or 30!

    What a great giveaway!

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