Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review-Perfect (ARC)

I was so happy when this arrived in the mail and I know that I have so many other books on my TBR pile but I'm really glad I read this one first.  Most of the time I say that book is fun, but if you've read any of Ellen's books you know that is NOT what they are.  Perfect was one of those books that was definetly an eye opener.  Yes I know, all of Ellen's books are eye openers, but I feel that this one was PERFECT (no pun intended) for teenagers now a days.  While this is the second in the Impulse series, although I'm not sure if there will be a third although I would hope so, it starts before the end of Impulse and ends just a week or two after.  There is cross over, and it was really interesting to see some of the events in Impulse from other character's points of view.  The main idea of this book really was the fact that no one is ever perfect, and trying to attain that goal will honestly kill you in the end.  The four characters in this book were, as always, interwoven because of characters and or events, and in the end they're finally all brought together.  The message was powerful and as much as I loved this book, I just didn't love it quite as much as I loved Impulse.  I'm not sure why, because it was just as good, but I just feel that there was a little something missing.  There's really no way to explain it, and it's honestly just my personal opinion.  By no means do I mean that this was a bad book.  On the contrary, it was really great, I just feel that it was misssing that one thing that would make it AMAZING.  I do honestly believe that every teenager, or even adult, who has ever felt not good enough should read this book though, because it really does hit so close to home for so many teenagers it's important to know that you're fine just the way you are.  Cara was my favorite character, but the other three were very important to the story as well, and although I felt that Sean was a douche he was very important to the story as well.  Bottom line, this book is great for teenagers because it lets you know that you're not alone, and I'm sure that it will help hundreds if not thousands of teenagers out there realize that they are perfect just the way they are.

Released September 13, 2011

4.5/5 dust sprites

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