Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review-Forever (ARC)

WOW, I just have to say that Maggie really knows how to end a series.  I loved Shiver and I found Linger enjoyable, but Forever really blew me away.  Back with all of your favorite four characters, Grace, Sam, Isabel, and Cole, Maggie crafts the perfect ending for a series that deserves every good review it's ever gotten.  This book is so intense and so sensual.  I'm not really sure how to describe this book without giving anything away, and unless you read it I'm not sure you'll understand how amazing it is either, but I'll give it my best shot.  The wolves are in danger and it's up to Sam to save them all.  I hate to say it but death is a part of this book, and there are quite a few parts where you might end up tearing up or clenching the book so tightly you leave marks on the hardback cover.  The cover perfectly displays the whole idea of the novel and although I would have perfered a purple cover the red really is the right choice.  Stiefvater uses her characteristic wit for the characters that need it, the lovely mushy stuff for all of us who just love that, and the right amount of b*tch from all the characters to make the book just right.  I'm very sad to see this series end because it's really one of the first books that I had read in a long time and it made me like reading again, but if it had to end this is definetly how I would want it to end.  I will admit the first 150 pages did have me going like "D:<" but Maggie is just so good at what she does I can't help but give this book a 5.  Definetly worth the $18.00 it will be retailed for I will be buying it in hardback format to fit with my other two, and they will always hold a special place on my shelves.

Released July 12, 2011

5/5 dust sprites

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  1. ~crying~
    OMG!!I simply cannot wait! and it's your fault! believe me this time it's true! you were the one who recomended Shiver and now!!~sigh~ see what I mean!!!T-T I'm sure I'll cry through the whole book!