Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Which I Thank MOST of you

First off, thanks to all of you I WILL continue to blog.
Second, I've realized that yes, I do ask authors for ARCs, and that some of you bloggers don't do that, but I haven't run across any authors who have told me not to ask them directly because they don't have any ARCs to give away.  I also do give back to all the authors that do lend me any ARC, I make them HOMEMADE earrings that have to do with their books.  I don't pressure authors into saying "yes" when I ask them, I just ask because I feel like sometimes you do need to stand up for yourself.  Okay, I'll cut down on asking authors for ARCs, but I honestly know some of these authors really well, and sometimes the only way I can get to the publisher is to ask the author first because not all of these authors have places on their websites that say "if you want an ARC please contact so and so at blah blah blah". 
Third, to all of you who said I should wait until I have more stuff up on my blog to even ask for ARCs please let me inform you that I started out as a Facebook page that now has almost 1,100 likes.  I started the blog so I could do contests and stuff.  I still LOVE my facebook page, you know why, because I can connect to the people who like it so much better.  I love being able to personally talk to all of these people who love YA books just as much as me so easily and I've made so many friends it's great, really the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Fourth, I had no idea what ARCs were until like..three months after I started blogging and the only ARC I asked for was DESIRES OF THE DEAD when I found out what they are.  I truely work my butt off for every ARC I get, personally sending emails to the publishers, and I review every single one that I get.  I've actualy been "blogging" since September and the thing I pride myself on is that since I started I haven't posted a link to my facebook page ANYWHERE!  So everyone who found out about the page, pretty much found out about it from word of mouth, how many of you can say that about your blog?
Last but not least,  if you have a problem with the way I oporate I'm sorry that you feel that way.  We all approach things differently and I've decided to take the ideas that I use in real life and use them when I blog now too.  Basically that means that I don't care what you think, because to me this is all about having fun.  Yeah, I do like getting to read a few books early but really, how many of you that blog DON'T enjoy being able to do that?  Can a single one of you honestly say that you DON'T enjoy the fact that every once and a while you get to read a book you're really looking forward to early?  And it's not like I'm selfish with the ARCs that I get either.  There are a few I would like to keep because they really mean something to me, show that I've touched enough people that a publisher feels that it would be beneficial to send out an ARC of a book for me to review.  I do the best I can to please everybody but I realized today that there will always be someone out there who dissaproves of how I run my blog or what I say.  So finally I've decided that if you don't like the way I do things don't do them like me.  If you have a really big problem with it let me know, but I'm not going to change something about me because it upsets one person. 

Thank You.


  1. lovely post :) and everything you said is completly true, if the people who dont agree with the way you run your blog and FB page, then they need to leave and go somewhere else.

  2. ~sighs~
    just keep it up girl!

  3. Go you! You're doing a fantastic job. And well done getting to over 1000 FB likes! I 'liked' it back when it was under 500 and you really do work so hard :)

  4. I hope you know that you've done so well for yourself and that we are really proud and appreciative of your efforts in maintaining your blog and FB page and everything. So, thank YOU. ;)