Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway-Handmade Pendant

So everyone on the facebook page really liked the idea that I was going to make a necklace that had this on it;
so I'm going to do a contest.  There will be two winners, one who gets a pendant with that on it (see above) and one with a pendant that says this on it (see below).  Just fill out the form to enter! :D

*Please note that these ARE handmade so they won't be perfect, but they WILL be as good as possible.

This contest is now closed!!!  See winners here!


  1. I bet both necklaces will look awesome =D

    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, would you post some pics about the pendant cause even if i don't win I might make one of my own, only if you don't mind of course :)

  3. @Judit
    No problem, I'll post pictures when I announce winners. :]

  4. YEY! international! and awesome!!!
    thanks for this!

  5. Thank you for the great giveaway! Pendants look amazing!

  6. Boys really are just better in books~ ;)

  7. I definitely just entered without looking at the end date... oops! I'm 2 & a half hours late!! Hope it can still count, if not that's cool too these pendants are bound to be adorable!

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm