Friday, August 19, 2011

Review-Epic Fail

First off I feel the need to point out how amazing this title is, I mean really, it's's amazing.  Now, Claire has written other books, but this is her first YA book, and let me tell you it was just so much fun!  I asked for this ARC a long time ago and I got it around the same time, but I held off because I always had something else to read, and once I read it was inspired by Pride and Prejudice I was a little weary, because, for those of you who don't know, I'm not a fan of the classics.  I am really glad I did decide to read this book because it was really great.  Elise (which also happens to be the name of one of my good friends) is such a great character because she's not like every other female main character out there, which means she doesn't always conform to the social norms, she isn't immediately attracted to the hot movie star son, and when she makes mistakes she admits them and doesn't dwell and go "poor me".  The thing I liked best about Elise is the fact that I feel she's so much like me, which I'm sure sounds dorky, but I connected with her so much on so many levels it was really great.  The story was cute and quirky, and the characters were really well developed.  Yeah, this book may be like almost every other love story in the world and if it were made into a movie it would be what you would call clich√© but Claire crafts the story so well you don't want to put it down and you'll easily forget you might have read books with a similar plot.  I applaud Claire's YA debut and i will definitely be looking forward to more book by her in this genre, and if you read adult fiction too you should read some of her other books as well, because I'm sure she writes with just as much charm there as she does in this book.

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  1. ok...I'm no fan of classics now this really helped the book get higher on my TBR pile! thanks for the review girl!