Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review-Beyond the Grave

I'm really bummed that this series isn't more readily available to the public, but sometimes that's what happens, the good series are harder to find, and maybe it's because of that it makes them harder to find...or maybe I'm just crazy.  This series has really been fun to read because it starts off with a great first book that really breaks the norm in a paranormal YA book.  The most amazing thing, THE GIRL DOESN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SPIRIT!!!  Now, I'm all for a great paranormal romance with sexy ghosts, but it might be overdone, so when the ghosts aren't hot, it's interesting.  Mara is such a great writer and I'm really sad to see that this whole series is over.  Charlotte was such a great character and I could really connect with her.  No, my mom isn't in a coma due to a crazy dark spirit and no, my boyfriend isn't seemingly being possessed by said spirit either (and I know you're all going, WHAT BOYFRIEND, YOU HAVE NONE!), but she's such a down to earth character.  This book really seems to wrap everything up and even though it's a paranormal book I think it has a really great message to everyone out there, and that is that you CAN face your problems and win.  I do have to say it's darker than the first two books, especially at the end, but with all the "dark stuff" that's supposedly in YA it's not that bad at all, just some minor bone breaks and a few concussions.  I do think that Mara has the potential to continue this series and I think it could be really great, but I don't think she will.  I will definitely be on the lookout for her next book series (or maybe another book in the Past Midnight series *hint hint hint*) because although she's less known that doesn't mean her books are inferior to other big names in any way.

Released August 23, 2011

5/5 dust spirits

Thanks Mara for the copy to review!!!

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