Monday, August 22, 2011

In Which I Talk About Reviews to Come

Wow, that title sounded a little ominous if I do say so myself, but really what it's about it all the books I have to review because I said I would, and I hate being a liar (unless I'm lying for good reason, but I rarely lie for good reasons when it comes to books [unless I'm talking about how many I want to get at the store {that I won't be paying for}]).  Also, WOW that was a lot of those parenthesise things in one sentence.  Basically this is a list of books that I have to review, and I'm basically going to put them in order of reviews, which is based, NOT on which I want to read first (because there would be a few that would be higher up on the pile) but based on when they come out.  So without further adu (adue?) here is a list (with some pictures) of the books I MUST review soon.  Basically what I'm saying is this is a list of the next dozen or so reviews that will be posted on the blog, with the possible few exceptions depending on how much time I have between the release date and how fast I read the books.  Also, I've decided that as I read each book I will cross it off the list, because I've always wanted to use that slash thing, but I never do. ;)

  1. Possession-McNeil
  2. Envy-Olsen
  3. Ultraviolet-Anderson
  4. The Eleventh Plague-Hirsch
  5. Shut Out-Keplinger
  6. All These Things I've Done-Zevin
  7. Frost-Baer
  8. Daughter of Smoke and Bone-Taylor
  9. The Name of the Star-Johnson
  10. Carrier of the Mark-Fallon
  11. The Scorpio Races-Stiefvater
  12. Dearly, Departed-Habel
  13. Half-Blood-Armentrout
  14. Crossed-Condie
  15. Dark Eden-Carman
  16. Shatter Me-Mafi
  17. Legend-Lu
And now, THE PICTURES!!!

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