Friday, August 12, 2011

Review-The Dead-Tossed Waves

I was really pleased with this companion novel to Carrie's The Forest of Hands and Teeth because we saw some old characters, met some new ones, and we really got to see past the Forest and some of the reasons for the Return.  I think that when we leave a book we all want to know what happens next but sometimes a sequel isn't always the best way to do that.  A companion novel can be great as long as it's set up right, and this one was set up very well.  Returning to the same world was really great because you leared about the world before, and now you're building on what you already know.  Gabry was a really great character because I think she's what most people in zombie, excuse me Mudo/Unconsecrated books (and movies) aren't; afraid.  In all of the movies and books you have a head-strong hero/heroin who seems to not be afraid of anything, but I think that honestly in that situation most of us would be scared sh*tless, and I think that sometimes writers/authors forget that fact because they feel that it's unapealing in a character.  Carrie is such a great writer and I think that she really hit her calling when she started writing YA zombie suspense novels.  The thing is, she's not afraid to kill characters, which I think is something a lot of YA writers are afraid to do because they feel it will be too dark.  Honestly I did like this book more than the first in the series, maybe it was the characters, maybe it was the setting, maybe it was the romance that seemed to blossom, and maybe it was because I could see myself as Gabry but she was so much stronger than I think I would be in her situation, which is why I really admire her.  It was a riveting sequel and I can't wait to see if we see more of Gabry in the last companion novel, The Dark and Hollow Places.

5.5 dust spirits
(Technically it's more like 4.75/5 dust spirits, but since it would be weird to cut a dust spirit into 3/4 and then everything would ger REALLY complicated we'll just round up to 5)

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