Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cover Reveal + Giveaway

Today I have the honor of being part of the cover reveal for the second book in the Katana series by Cole Gibsen.  If you remember I also helped her reveal the cover for her lesser-known novel Breathless earlier this year, and now I'm back to help her again!  So without further fuss I give you the cover for Senshi, due out next year from Flux.

Awesome, right!?  Look at her eyes!  And her hair!  And that sword!!! Also, the throwing stars, HOW COOL ARE THOSE!?

Now I've also had the chance to ask Cole a few things about her newest book and the one that comes before it, just for good measure.

The names of the novels in the series could cause some confusion for some people, can you explain what the words mean?
Sure! Katana is the name of a type of sword favored by samurai. And Senshi not only means “warrior” but it is also the name of one of the characters in my book.
What can we expect in Senshi?
Two words: MORE NINJA. But seriously, Senshi is jam packed with the action, fight scenes, and comedy that you would expect after having read KATANA. And if you loved Quentin from the first book, I have a special surprise for you. He gets to do his own ass-kicking in book two. I am so excited for readers to get to see him come into his own.
What about the covers? Do they tell us anything about what's inside the books? What do you love about them?
Well I absolutely adore the cover for SENSHI. When I saw it my first thought was that it looked exactly like a Bruce Lee poster and I am the BIGGEST Bruce Lee fan, so I definitely found that serendipitous. I think it’s a great portrayal of what’s inside as SENSHI has so much more action, fight scenes, and ninja than book one.
Your Katana novels are very Japanese-y, have you ever been to Japan or studied the language?
I love superheroes. And my love of superheroes and comics grew and eventually I discovered manga because, hey, they’re in the same aisle at the bookstore. Later, Kill Bill came out and I was floored. Quentin Tarantino took a manga and made it a movie! And this got me thinking, could a manga be written in novel form?
So I started thinking about plot and I researched, read about, and watched every documentary on samurai I could get my hands on for a full year before I ever put pen to paper. And I didn’t do this with the goal to be a hundred percent accurate, because I knew I would have to research my entire life for that to be a possibility. My intention was to make sure I captured the flavor of the history as manga does so well. In other words, they’re strictly fiction and as historically accurate as Captain America fighting the Nazis or Abe Lincoln staking vampires.
If you could write a book about anything and have it come out amazing, what would you write about?
Oh man, I would love to be in charge of the next big superhero movie screenplay. You know who doesn’t get enough respect? Miss Marvel. I could totally do her right with her own movie. Though Black Cat would be fun, too…or Psylock…or Cloak and Dagger….or, you know, this could go on for awhile.

And now, last but not least, Cole has offered up something that even I don't have (with all of my swaggy goodness and ninja gear she sent me)!  You can win a signed copy of Katana, and although I have not read it it has swords on the cover, so come on!

*The giveaway is only for people with US mailing addresses due to postal expences.

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