Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review-Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone

I first heard about this book on Nova Ren Suma's blog and when I read the synopsis I knew I just had to have it.  So on Tuesday when it came out I went to the store and I bought it, and once I finished the book I was reading I dove right in.  I struggled a little with this book because it seemed to just have so much depth to it you needed to read it slow to take it all in.  The style of the writing is just so beautiful, and there are parts of the book that, if I did write in them, would be underlined and surrounded by stars and little hearts.  The grace in this book is really only matched by a few of the books that I've read in my life, including Nova's own Imaginary Girls and Lauren Oliver's Delirium.  I loved how Kat twined Amelia's story in with the main character's story, and the short chapters from her point of view were fresh and new too.  Kat also managed to do something that not many people can do, and that is to pull something over on me.  No, she didn't completely catch me off guard, but there were parts that made me raise my eyebrows and say "well done".  The imagery was just so beautiful, and I guess you could say that it might have been too much, or that the time line was confusing and caused me to re-read previous pages, but it doesn't matter, because the beauty in the novel drowned it all out so I couldn't have cared less.  This is one of those books that rarely comes around, and when it does it really doesn't get enough attention due to the next big paranormal book that's hit the shelves, and it really makes me sad.  If you see this book on the shelves and want something different from everything that's out there, and has some real heart to it too, I suggest you pick this book up.

4.5/5 dust spirits

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  1. I had the same problems with the time lines but holy hell, the writing was gorgeous! And a story I won't ever forget. Great review! :)