Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dire Day Wrap Up

As you know on Friday the 13th I participated in the dreadful #DireDay held by Harper Collins.
I ended up with FOUR boxes of the terrible things, and was faced with dispensing them around the city.  A few of them I gave to you, my lovely blog followers (and for that I am sorry), and I also left some with teachers, so they could spread the misery in school where it rightfully belongs.  Here are some of the places I left the wretched books, and unfortunately some of them found their way into the hands of other unsuspecting people.

 First I left a few copies around a toy store, and this is a copy I stuck with a bunch of free parenting magazines, to let people know what NOT to do with children.

 Then I went to a Starbucks, because everyone knows that coffee makes people happy, and that is unacceptable.

Next I went to Redmond Town Center and dropped a few there, in memory of the Borders that once graced the area, but is now a furniture store. If you think that's a good idea you deserve to be miserable!

Later in the day I left quite a few copies at the Meadowbrook Community Center and Pool, because these things make people happy, children especially, and with all this misery placed on me what better place to pass it off then an area teeming with happy people?

In the end ALL 128 copies of woe were given to someone else or left out on the street to rot, and good riddance. If you happened to pick up a copy I left out in the cold then I pity you, and if you did not get a copy all the better for you, but if you do want to see the misery of the three poor Baudelaire I'm sure you can find the book at any of your local bookstores.  Maybe next year I'll pass out book two (besides, one can only stand so much misery in one year).

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