Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 Debuts I'm Looking Forward to in 2013

Every year there are a good 100 new authors that break through into the published world in YA and MG novels, and recently I've decided to help them out as much as possible by reading as many of them as possible.  Here are 13 that I'm looking forward to (although these are not all of the releases or all of the ones that I want to read) and again they are in no order and have a little bit as to why I want to read them.  These are all ones I do NOT have ARCs of.  Added at the end are ones I haven't read yet but do have ARCs of and are still excited about.

The main character is a nightmare and it has a boarding school.  Along with a hot boy and a murder.  Color me interested.

Out March 5, 2013

A girl falling in love with the devil? And he's a cute teenage boy? Yum.  Also, how amazing is this cover?  It's pretty amazing.

Out August 20, 2013

Hot boy on the cover. Hot boys in the book. One girl in the mix.  On the run from an agency.  Yes please.

Out January 1, 2013

An invisible girl with a mob boss father.  That sounds SUPER cool.

Out May 21, 2013

This book doesn't have a cover yet, but I decided to include it anyways because the mere fact that it's set on another planet just intrigues me to no end.  And from the description on goodreads it looks like while it's a trilogy they're going to be companion novels, which is like, a first for me in terms of sci-fi books.

Out 2013 (not specified)

It sounds so Terminator, and I just loved those movies (the first three and the TV show).  And a Terminator-like person that falls in love?  I'll give it a shot (or 178 [you see what I did there?]).

Out May 7, 2013

The Goddess Test meets Dexter.  For me you say Dexter and I'm like "I'll give it a shot".

Out April 2, 2013

It takes place right after the Spanish Influenza. And it has ghosts in it.  And photos from the time period!!!

Out April 2, 2013

A little bit of mystery, a little bit of paranormal.  It sounds like Imaginary Girls only darker. I'm so down.

Out June 11, 2013

Seeing as this doesn't have a huge description on goodreads I want to read it because of the cover (and the tag line) along with the fact that the main character has (supposedly) been falsely imprisoned.

Out April 25, 2013

There are some kind of scary monsters in this book so I want it.

Out June 25, 2013

This book just sounds like so much fun, and for an uber-dork like me the comic element (and the fact that I'm a lot like Blaze) interests me.

Out February 1, 2013

This looks like a garden variety dystopian novel with only instead of taking place AFTER the apocalypse it takes place BEFORE it.  (Actually, I'm not sure if there IS an apocalypse).

Out August 27, 2013

Please note that all release dates are taken from Goodreads and subject to change.

I'm still excited for these, but I have ARCs of them so they can't go on the list.

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