Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review-Revolution 19

Based on this cover I was expecting one thing, and while I did get some of that I also got some of something else.  Now, the synopsis made me think of The Terminator, which I really enjoyed and the intro gave me the good kind of chills.  When I started the ACTUAL book though I was a little confused.  The POV jumped between three main characters which I might not have minded so much, but I found that inside the chapters the POV changed without warning, which really caught me off guard.  This being said I liked seeing the story unfold through the eyes of three characters.   Two of them were males, so despite a girl being on the cover this book almost seems to appeal more to the male gender than the female one.  The other thing I have to applaud this author on is the fact that he used an original idea when it came to the YA genre (he didn't come up with it, but he wrote it, so that's perfectly okay).  Goodreads says nothing about this book being the first in a series, but based on the way it ended I can only assume there will be at least one more book in the series.  The epilogue really hit me hard too, and it would have been really interesting had the author peppered chapters like the epilogue throughout the book, but I can see why he didn't.  As a whole I was pretty pleased with how the book turned out, and I will most likely pick up the sequel when it comes out to see what happens next.  It was packed with action from page one and Gregg even managed to work some romance in there (along with some mystery that I hope to be proven right about in later books).  This is also the first book I've read (that I'm aware of) where the idea for the book didn't come from the author, which was an interesting journey in and of itself.

4/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Harper Teen for the ARC in return for an honest review.

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  1. I'm wondering too how long this series will be. My guess is the ever popular trilogy. It definitely kept my attention and I want to see what happens in the next book for sure!