Friday, January 18, 2013

Review-The Archived

I read Victoria's debut novel and I really enjoyed it, so when I read about THIS book, well, I just HAD to have it.  It sounded AMAZING and Victoria has this writing style that cuts deep into your soul and makes you shiver.  This book is  a fantasy novel but there are some parts of it that are so real.  The emotion is something that almost everyone can relate to, and if not now they WILL be able to relate to it some time in their life.  I'm amazed that Victoria is able to come up with all of these ideas that are TOTALLY original, because there is NOTHING out there like it.  The plot was great, along with the characters.  Mac was a truly extraordinary character, and what made her even better was that she was flawed.  There was even a bit of mystery, and although I did figure out most of it before it was all explained, I was pleased with how well she incorporated it into the story.  Nothing felt forced and despite the fact that they were small I really loved when Mac would have flashbacks of talking to Da, because even though the WHOLE book was beautiful, I thought that those parts were especially so.  This is the first book in (at least) a duology, although with the way this book ended I'm not quite sure what happens next, although I will be happy to read the next book.  The world is lush, the characters are endearing, and the plot is intriguing, add it all together and you get a thoroughly enjoyable book that talks about loss and about love, and it really shows what it's like to be a teenager (fighting the dead or not).  If you read Victoria's first novel you should check this book out, and if you haven't they this is a great starting place when it comes to V's novels.

Out January 22, 2013

4.5/5 dust spirits

*Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for the ARC in return for an honest review.

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