Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 13 - Forgotten + Interview

The winner of the 12th day contest is Victoria Sloboda!!!  Congrats, I've emailed you, and you have 72 hours to reply or the prize will go to someone else.

Note; when you enter the contest please be sure that all of your information is correct and READ the questions because sometimes they are a little different.

Today's prize?  A SIGNED ARC of Cat Patrick's debut novel Forgotten. AND she did an interview with us, so please enjoy.  Since this ARC is was for the US this one is just going to be within the US, but if you're international please enjoy the interview.

The idea for Forgotten is so different, was it hard to keep everything straight with London only remembering into the future?
Yes, it was a challenge, but I think that’s why I wrote it so quickly: so I could stay in the moment and up on everything that was happening…all the things London had to forget. I did a lot of timelines and pretty much every time I sat down to write, I had to re-read the last few chapters to help keep things straight.

I asked you at your launch party how London remembers her mom and such and you said because they’re in her future.  What happens when her mom dies and is no longer in her future, will she forget all about her?
That’s a very sad thought, but yes, when someone’s no longer in London’s future, she doesn’t remember them. Although I think she’d make a scrapbook and videos so that the memories of her mother wouldn’t be lost forever.

What is it like to be a debut author?  And I even saw that your book was blurbed by JAY ASHER, what was that like!?
Being a debut author is a surreal experience: Having people worldwide read your writing for the first time is nerve-racking! But, since I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life, it’s also a dream come true.

I was thrilled when Jay Asher agreed to blurb my book. When I originally sent it to him, he was so busy with school visits that he didn’t have time to read it for a while. Then when we were approaching the blurb deadline, I checked in with him, and I’m so glad I did. He read it really quickly and even better, he liked it enough to put his name on it! He’s an amazing writer; I’m honored to have his endorsement.

It’s also been optioned for a movie and the rights have been bought.  How do you feel about that?  Are you afraid they’re gonna ruin it if they do turn it into a movie? Do you have a dream cast for the movie?  Would you like big stars or new comers to star in it?
I’m so excited that they’re going to make Forgotten into a movie. Hailee Steinfeld is attached to play London and I think she’s perfect. As for the rest of the cast, I think I’d like some new comers to fill in the rest of the roles. I don’t envy the casting director’s job for sure!

Did you listen to music while you wrote or did you need silence?  If you did listen to music did you have a playlist?  If so, what did it include?
I love music, but I can’t listen to it while I write: It’s too distracting.

I really feel like there is great potential for Forgotten to have a sequel, is there ANY hope of that?
I’ve learned in my life to never say never, but I’m really not planning on a sequel at this time. I love the ending to Forgotten. I think it shares enough while also giving the reader the chance to use his or her imagination a bit, too.

I also know that you’re working on a new book, is there anything you can tell us about that?
Unfortunately, not yet, but I’ll post news on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter as soon as I have it!

What’s the deal with the cover?  There’s the dust jacket and underneath the hardcover has something printed on it too.  Do you have a preference of one or the other?
There were several versions they were considering for the cover (the dust jacket), and instead of scrapping the one they liked second best, Little, Brown chose to print it on the case. The pink case art is very 80s to me—I think it’s pretty—but I also love the boldness of the cover lettering (and the cover model’s name is Cat, too!).

You dedicated your book to your twin girls, is it hard to juggle writing and being a mom (as well as any job you might have)?
Sure, juggling is always a challenge, but I think we make room in our lives for the things we love to do. I have an incredibly helpful husband and extended family to make things easier. And I just hope that my pursuit of my dreams will teach my daughters that they can and should go after what they want in life, too.

Seeing as you’re a new YA author I think it’s only reasonable to ask you what some of your favorite YA books are.
I’m reading Divergent by Veronica Roth right now and I’m obsessed: I love it. I’m a fan of Maggie Steifvater’s books and I really enjoyed Matched by Ally Condie. I think Carolyn Mackler is amazing and am in awe of Jay Asher—Thirteen Reasons Why should be required reading for teens—so I’m incredibly excited for their co-written book, The Future of Us.

What is the best part of being a debut author?  What’s the best thing a fan has ever done for you?
I think it’s just experiencing everything for the first time: the fan letters, the emails about sales, the events. It’s all pretty amazing.
My favorite thing from a fan so far is just a simple email that said that before reading Forgotten, this particular girl didn’t like to read. My book changed her outlook on reading. That blew my mind.
My sister, who was a fan before I ever wrote a word, made me a “Have a Purr-fect Day” t-shirt and gave it to me on launch day. My UK publisher did the same when they were bidding on the book. I’m (now not so) secretly hoping that by this time next year, I’ll have a whole collection of homemade cat t-shirts.

Last but not least, what do you have to say to all of those people who have read/bought/reviewed Forgotten?
You’re helping to make my dream a reality. Thank you.

So, now that you guys have read that, onto the giveaway.  Easy peasy, just fill out the form. :]


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