Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 23 - Bookmark Package

The winner of day 22 is Shannon Johnson!!! Congrats, let me know what book cover you want on your pendant and be sure to respond to Midnight Creations email.

Today up for grabs I have two bookmark packages.  I've accumulated a bunch of swag and such from authors and signings over the last 9 months or so and I don't have anything to do with the extras, so I give them away to you guys!  There are two packages andd since this is swag and the lovely Alice Priday has donated two bookmarks to one of the winners courtesy of this site and they ship international, we'll make the contest international. 
Note, quite a few of these are signed and I will be picking up some more at the signing I go to at the end of the month, so I'll add some more to that too.

Let me know which pack you want in the form and then you know the rest.  The two extra bookmarks will go in pack 2.

Pack 1

Pack 2


  1. Awesome giveaway!!!! Love it when there is swag involved :D

  2. I can't believe I won 2 days in a row but super excited!!!! I'm thinking about the book cover and will email in a minute!!!!/IandSsmom/status/94860342290677760
    My tweeting proof!!! Love bookmarks!!
    Shannon Johnson

  3. Thanks for the great contest! I collect swag! :)

    I posted on twitter.

  4. tweet proof:

    I collect bookmarks I'm trying to break the world record. it would make my life if I won this contest. *fingers (and toes, and arms, and legs, and eyes) crossed*

  5. Thanks so much, shared to facebook

  6. Thanks for the awesome contest!

    I tweeted!/iluvkimi220 (most recent tweet)
    And I posted on my blog

  7. Hello! I'm Samantha, author of Spellbound and would love to offer you some signed bookmarks for your swag snag. Please reach me on my facebook page: