Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Throughout my time as a reader I've learned that sequels generally fall short of the first book in a series.  This isn't always true but most of the time it is.  I have to say that I am in love with Paranormalcy because it was just so much fun.  It was different and the story was so fresh and new it was a really great read.  I not-so-patiently awaited the release of Supernaturally because despite my best efforts I was unable to get an ARC of the book, although I did find it a few days early.  Now, I really enjoyed the book, it was fun and fresh just like it's predecessor but there were a few things that I missed.  I missed Tasey in most of this book, although she was there she wasn't used much and I feel that it really made Evie feel less Evie-ish and thus made this book less Paranormalcy-ish.  This book really was a great sequel to it though because it starts off pretty much where Paranormalcy left off and although it was missing Tasey there were still great things about it.  Lend, I love Lend and he pretty much just gets better and better in this book.  Then there's Evie, she really seems to find herself in this book and I really like that, because in the long run that's what all teenage girls (all people in general) want in the end. Then there was also that great twist at the end that I sort of saw coming but probably should have pegged from the beginning, but in my defense Reth is still a dick.  We rarely see female heroins that have to make a big decision that effects more than just herself and maybe a few of her close friends, but Kiersten somehow makes it possible for Evie to decide the fate of an entire species and you don't want to slap her, which I think is pretty impressive.  We also see more of who Evie is, not just as a person but who she is as a paranormal and I think that was another great thing about the book, because it needed to be put out there, not in the last book, but in the second one.  Long story short this was a good sequel but there was just that one thing missing that made it not better than the first one.  The beginning just throws you into the action and the ending wraps things up nicely while leaving a string for the last book to pick up on.  I can't wait for Endlessly to see how Evie and Lend end up and what the outcome of everything that's happened in the first two books turns out to be.

4.5/5 dust spirits

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  1. I'm so excited for this book! Sad that we won't see much of Tasey, though. Glad you liked it^^