Friday, July 29, 2011

Review-A Need So Beautiful

To start out I just have to say that there are very few books that have made me cry, and even fewer paranormal-ly books that have made me cry, but this book was one of those very few.  I think it takes a great author to make a reader cry, and an even better author to make a reader cry when the whole idea of the book is not something that people have gone through before (i.e. more fantasy than contemporary) so in this case Suzanne Young is truly a great author.  Not only did this book make me tear up but it also had some great parts to it that I think will definitely make people think.  Not many fantasy books now a days make people go "wow, what would I do if that happened to me, and how can I make the world a better place" but this book really does.  Maybe it's the idea of the book but in step with the title Beautiful is exactly the right word to describe this book all together.  The last 30 pages or so are definitely going to make you emotional if you have EVER cried because of a book before, so make sure you're not in public (or you don't care what other people think of you), you've been forewarned.  Now, other than making me cry (and not in a bad way) this book was really amazing.  I honestly hadn't heard of Suzanne Young before this book even though she's written some other books that were published before this one but now I need go read those ones because, man, she is some writer.  The story was amazing, the characters were impressive, and the idea was just phenomenal.  I can see how some reviewers might see Charlotte as winy and somewhat of a poor character, but in my eyes that's not the way it is at all.  Yeah, there are some characters like that, but I don't think she is one of them because if you were to put yourself in her position I'm not sure you would be much better, so if you think she's a bad character put the book down, because it's obviously not for you.  This book was so amazing and I feel that everyone should read it because even though it does have that fantasy air about it I think that everyone could learn something important from Charlotte and take something away from the book.  I can't wait to see what happens in the next book and I hope that Charlotte and Harlin are in it because I want to see what happens next.

5/5/ dust spirits

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