Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm not quite sure what to say about this book.  Yes, it was a good book and an enjoyable read but I did feel myself wanting to stop and read something else several times while I read it.  I did manage to get through it though, which is a good thing because I do enjoy the series.  Now that I feel I'm more read I do wonder why I found the first two book so amazing, not that they were bad, but they weren't the best books that I've ever read.  Passion was a lot like that, good but not AMAZING.  I'm a very linear person and all of the hopping around in time was a little confusing, and even though it was a little enjoyable to finally start to understand Luce's past lifes I really felt like the whole book really came down to just the last 4 chapters or so.  For me there really wasn't much point in all of the chapters that came before hand except for the fact that they were somewhat entertaining and did help further the back story.  One of the things I DID enjoy was the chapters that were from Daniel's point of view.  With the whole series being about Luce and Daniel I feel like in the last book there really wasn't enough Daniel, and in this book too I feel like he was lacking, even though he was in almost every chapter.  Luce was a little irritating though, she has the chance to see all of the love that Daniel has shown her over the thousands of years he's been alive and she still doubts his feelings for her?  I mean really?  Overall this book was enjoyable but not a book that I would pick up and read OVER AND OVER again because it just seemed to lack something that would make it enjoyable to reread.  A good edition to the story of Luce and Daniel but I honestly hope that the last book RAPTURE will sum everything up and leave me happier then this one did.

4/5 dust spirits


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