Saturday, February 18, 2012


I bought this book when it came out because Marissa is a local author and she was doing a signing here, but until last week I hadn't picked it up.  There were so many people talking about this book and how amazing it is, but I had other books I needed to read.  Now I'm very glad I picked it up.  It's such a magical book.  I'm sure you're all going "it's just a retelling of Cinderella, how great can it be?" But let me tell you, this is not your ordinary Cinderella story.  First, Cinderella (although her name is just Cinder, hence the title) is a cyborg.  The other thing I'm sure you're all thinking is "if it's about Cinderella how come there are going to be four books?  Cinderella's story can not possibly take that long."  But Marissa has put such a lovely spin on it (that I guessed all the way through, mind you) that it WILL last that long, and it will be even better then the Cinderella story you know and love from Disney.  I was so enchanted by every part of this story.  The way that it slips into the future, and not the past, the way that Marissa designed the story, all of the twists and turns that make it a surprise, and the fact that she didn't really stick to the original story at all.  Cinder was so much more fierce then Cinderella ever was, and the cast of characters? Move over mice we have a robot thank you very much.  Iko was one of my favorite characters in the book because she was such a funny little robot.  I keep imagining her to look like Eve from Wall-E but that's not actually what she's supposed to look like, if you read the description given of her.  There was so much emotion in this book, so much mystery, and even a plague!  And yes, there was kissing, gosh, you think I would forget the kissing?  There was even a wicked queen, an evil step mother ( evil guardian), people on the moon, and one or two pretty ball gowns.  If you have this book pick it up now, if you don't have this book go buy it ASAP, and once you finish it I dare you not to be mesmerized.  I can't wait for Scarlet, 2013 seems like such a long ways away.  Basically what I'm saying is this book is amazing and the world better not end in 2012 because I need to know what happens to Cinder and all of her friends.  Bravo Marissa, you have crafted a truly magical story that will stay with me for quite a long time and I can't wait to see what happens next.

5/5 dust spirits

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  1. I love your parting lines *-* thank you very much...
    argh! just what I needed...for this book to be liked by you T______T
    I'll just go sulk off at a corner right now