Sunday, February 12, 2012


If you've been with me since the beginning you'll know how much I enjoyed Delirium, so when I got an ARC of this book I was very happy.  Delirium was so amazing, whenever I describe it to someone I call it "lyrical" and that's really what it was, and as excited as I was to get the sequel I was a little afraid to read it.  Because the first one was so good I was afraid this one would let me down, but it definitely did not.  Yes, it was different from the first one, and it wasn't exactly lyrical it was still such a good book.  The formatting was also different, switching between present time and right after Delirium ended, and you think that would be a confusing but I actually liked it.  Oliver uses such grace and has so much skill it doesn't seem like there's a difference, and it really doesn't matter which time you're in the story is gripping either way.  There was also some worries about having a new boy in the series, but I like the new boy as well.  As a sequel this book really doesn't disappoint in any way.  The new Lena is even better then the old one, and the new characters are perfect for the setting.  The lies run even deeper, and the stakes are even higher as things spiral out of control for Lena again.  There was more adventure in this whole book, it really starts out from the beginning, then there was in Delirium but given the circumstances and where she is I think that this was the perfect thing to do.  The ending will leave you screaming for more, just like the first one did.  I can't wait to see how Lauren will end the series, but this is a worthy sequel if I've ever read one.  If you've read Delirium you should pick this book out when it comes out, and if you haven't read the series I highly recommend it. 

Out March 28, 2012

5/5 dust spirits

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