Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review-The Last Echo

First let me tell you that even though the title of this book has the word "last" in it, it is not the last book in the series.  There will be at least one more book, for which I am thrilled.  Now, onto the review.  I read Kim's first novel, The Body Finder, back when it was out in hardback and Borders was still alive.  I picked it up because of the title and ended up reading and loving it.  When it comes to my subjects of interest serial killers are actually high up there, with crazy diseases that kill people in strange ways, and cannibals (I can't be the only one who finds them fascinating), but unfortunately all of those things are rather...sparse in YA fiction.  Derting, to my great pleasure, doesn't shy away from the first (and maybe in the future the last) and that's what I love about her novels.  That and the fact you get to see into the killers mind.  Her books are like a written version of the show Criminal Minds (on CBS) more geared towards teenagers, with a touch of Medium (that's just an assumption, I've never actually seen that show).  Sometimes when authors write more them one book about something that doesn't exactly have a series feel to it it can seem like they're just trying to make money (can anyone say House M.D.?) but Kim is not one of people.  Yes all these books are about a girl who can find dead people, and yeah, poor Violet usually ends up in some sort of trouble, but it's not boring!  That's the thing that makes those other books bad, is that they're boring because everything happens the same exact way, but when you're an author coming up with ways that people can die the great part is there is no limit to the imagination (well...Final Destination my have gone a LITTLE too far, but as far as killers go there's always another crazy out there that wants to be noticed).  Kim's third Body Finder novel is still as fresh as the first one was (and there's kissing, YAY!) and the way it ends leaves you with a tingly feeling (if you've read the book you'll get the joke) and makes sure there is no doubt about another book on the way.  With heart stopping action, some good kissy scenes, and a few parts that make your heart race The Last Echo is everything I hoped it would be and more.  I'm very excited for the next book, I really loved this book, and if you like creepy things give this series a chance.  I'm almost tempted to re-read the series because I love it so much, but unfortunately I have other books I need to read.  When book four comes out I'll be pining for it just like I was with this one, and pretty much the only thing that could make it better would be cannibals.  Got that Kim, add people eating other people and we're good. 

Out April 17, 2012

5/5 dust spirits


  1. I can't wait to read Last Echo! Love her books!

  2. T____________T~dies of a case of envy-ness~
    oh my cloud...Kim's TBF series... *___* I cannot wait...this is just too much...
    I've rerereread TBF first book too many times to count but I've only read DotD once or twice...maybe I'll reread it before I can beg for this book over here *___* can't wait to get lost on Kim's story once again!