Monday, August 20, 2012

Early Review-Unravel Me

Last year I got an early copy of Shatter Me and decided to read it before meeting Tahereh for a pre-release blogger brunch.  I can truthfully say that while Shatter Me blew me away Unravel Me knocked me over.  There are few authors that have managed to write in such a way that makes you think you're reading poetry while you're actually reading a story, but Tahereh is one of those authors.  Her style is still unlike anything I've ever read, with her signature crossing out and repetition of words and phrases that somehow speak to me in a way really resonates with my mind and the way it works/thinks she still stands out in the YA world.  Unravel Me is everything I was hoping for in the sequel to Shatter Me and more, with the return of old characters and some new ones.  There were twists that even I didn't see coming, and the plot along with the character developments and such really made the book all that more enjoyable.  There were parts that I myself found frustrating, because they were not what I was hoping to see in the plot, but with the way that Tahereh writes and just the story overall I couldn't stay mad because she makes it work, and there's just so much grace in her work you can't help but love it all the same.  I've also decided that Tahereh has managed to make the ideal second novel that makes people laugh, and cry, as well as scream "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME!?" in a way that Cassie Clare has mastered perfectly.  If you haven't picked up Shatter Me then you should go pick it up when it comes out in paperback.  Having read this book before the short ebook that connects the two I'm even more excited to now, because Warner is a big part of this book, and it will be nice to see inside of his mind.  As for the last book in the series I have no doubts in my mind that it will be mind blowing, and I don't mind waiting for it at all (although if it came out early I would not mind that at all either). 

Out February 5, 2013

5/5 dust spirits

This ARC was provided to me as part of an ARC tour by the lovely Mindy at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads.

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