Monday, August 27, 2012


I won this book from Jessica's blog by writing a PinFic entry, and I was so excited that I won, and to read the book.  But then another blogger said that it was a little predictable, so I had my doubts.  But I'm not sure what she meant, because to me Origin was about as fresh as it gets today.  The whole idea of it is great, an immortal person, and when you think about it there really ARE no books about immortal people.  I mean, yeah, there are some angels and some demons, but there is a way to kill them.  I just loved the whole idea of the novel, and I was really pleased with the way that Jessica managed to bring everything together.  This is one of the few novels that I can TRULY say caught me off guard more than once, and I was very pleased with this fact.  Jessica's debut novel is about love and secrets and immortality, but along with that I also got the feeling it was about ethics.  How far do you go before you are a monster, and if you are doing terrible things for the greater good can they still be considered good.  All of these questions are brought to life in this debut novel with a backdrop that's enchanting and almost a character itself.  There were some names and words that I'm sure I butchered in my head while reading them (sorry Jess, I went phonetically in the Japanese way!).  It was a really amazing book and although there was a little part that confused me it was all explained in the end, so I was very happy.  All in all I was SO pleased with this novel and all the things that it stood for, as well as the ORIGINal (ha, get it!?) plot.  I can't wait to see what Jessica comes up with next, and if you want something different you should check out this book when it comes out.

Out September 4, 2012

4.5/5 dust spirits

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  1. Oohh this sounds amazing - great review. So glad you enjoyed it and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.